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As the first and premier educational institution in the UAE, Premier Genie offers the best preparation programs in the region for exams such as the ACT, GRE, GMAT and SCAT. Our SAT classes in Dubai include hours of classes, practice tests and discussions with our top instructors. You will also get access to review strategies to maximize your chances of acing your exams.


In the event that your chosen college accepts results from both the new SAT or the ACT test in Dubai, which one should you choose? It all depends on your skills. Consider these aspects:

1. Understanding the questions

Students find it easier to answer ACT questions as they seem straightforward. On the other hand, parts of the SAT exams have questions that are more abstract. As such, students often take more time to understand what is being asked in the SAT exams.

2. Vocabulary mastery

Students who have a wider vocabulary range tend to do better on their SAT exams. The SAT often includes more difficult words and complex passages.

3. Subject emphasis

The New SAT exam does not have a Science section whereas the ACT does. Moreover, the ACT includes more questions on Math topics. On the other hand, the New SAT exam has passages on History and Social Sciences that are more complex than those on the ACT.

4. Essay writing

Both exams include a passage or article which the student needs to analyze. With the SAT exam, students are expected to describe how the author creates his argument. To do well on the SAT, the exam taker has to provide their own argument and defend it using information from the passage.

The basis for the grades is different for both exams.

5. Scoring ranges

If you take the SAT, you will be given a score between 400 and 1600. With the ACT, you could get a score of between 1 and 36.

Why Take The SAT Diagnostic Test?

Practice makes perfect. Our proctored New SAT practice tests are designed to equip students with proven timing, strategy and mindset strategies they need for the actual exam.

  • Smart hard work - Material and work directed and specific to SAT/ACT preparation
  • Setting up a feedback loop - Keeping an error log and coming back to mistakes to learn from them so that the same mistakes are not committed again
  • Working in time blocks - Practicing in a timed environment so that the student is aware that she is running against a clock
  • Test-taking strategies - Keeping time-consuming questions for later, pacing yourself
  • Test day strategies - Visiting the test center the day before the exam, taking the breaks and planning what to do during the breaks

Another results-driven aspect of our SAT practice tests is the feedback mechanism incorporated into the course. After every proctored test, the students’ results will be scored and delivered. Their mistakes on the test will be discussed. Proctors will provide suggestions on how to improve both content and strategy.

To further hone their strengths and help them work on the gaps in their performance, each student will be given an individual study plan on a weekly basis.

Success Highlights

Premier Genie are experts in Standardized Testing and College Applications, with over a decade of experience guiding students in the US, UAE, Africa and India.

  • Each year we help students get admitted to Ivy League schools (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Penn, Columbia) and MIT & Stanford
  • 75% of our students get accepted by their top choice school
  • 85% of our students have 3 or more schools to decide between when admission results are released
  • Most PG students rank in the 95th percentile or higher on both the SAT & ACT
  • Our individualized study plans produce score improvements of 220+ points on the SAT and 7+ points on the ACT
  • Recent noteworthy scores: SAT - 1520 and ACT - 35

Are you ready to ace your SAT? For more details about any of our preparation programs and info on ACT and SAT test dates and SAT and ACT test centres in Dubai, call 055 366 3900 or send an email to You may also fill up our admission form to get in touch with one of our SAT experts.

Premier Genie offers a wide range of courses to prepare your child for the future. We have basic and advanced courses in Mathematics, Science, English, STEM, Robotics, App Development, Coding and more.

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