Premier Genie Students Receive Offers From Top Global Universities

  • Gaining admittance into the university of your choice has become more challenging than ever. Good grades alone no longer translate automatically to having a winning college application because there are so many qualified applicants trained in advanced academic courses applying from all around the world.

    For this reason, it is essential that students who are looking to attend top global schools have stellar report cards, test scores, essays and extracurricular achievements. They need to be as well-rounded as possible and demonstrate their excellence across the board.

    With several factors to consider, the college admissions process can be an overwhelming and challenging process. The good news is, you can get help in reaching for your college dreams from trusted education counsellors, every step of the way.

    How Premier Genie University Counselling Assists Students

    The Premier Genie university counseling team is composed of passionate educators and academic professionals. We specialize in preparing university-bound students throughout the college application process to ensure they are putting their best foot forward in every aspect, from SAT prep classes to essay editing to interview skills courses.

    This preparation includes practicing for SAT, ACT, TOEFL and IELTS exams. We also work with the students on their subject selections, essays, recommendations, extracurricular activities, profiles, CVs, social activities and other essential aspects that can showcase their strengths and potential.

    Our university counselling services are also designed to simplify the complex admissions process. You save time and reduce mistakes with our centralized platform that supports each child’s individual needs and provides a one-stop solution for all admission requirements.

    Acceptance Stories of Premier Genie Students

    The Premier Genie university counseling team works around the clock with students from across Dubai to ensure they attend their dream school. We are proud to share some real-life university acceptance stories from our very own students:

    1) Student names: Kush Uttamchandani and Luv Uttamchandani (Twin brothers)

    Current Dubai School: Gems Modern Academy

    The Uttamchandani twin brothers received offers from the following universities:

    • University of Toronto

    • Kelley Business School - Indiana University

    • Bentley University

    • Boston University

    • Michigan State University

    • University of San Diego

    Ultimately, Kush accepted the offer from Kelley Business School - Indiana University and Luv accepted the offer from Michigan State University.

    2) Student name: Shreya Mitra

    Dubai School: Jumeirah College

    Shreya received offers from the following universities:

    • Kings College London

    • IE Madrid

    • UBC Vancouver

    • Bath University

    • George Washington University

    • Syracuse University

    • Purdue University

    Shreya has shortlisted the following universities: Kings, IE, UBC and George Washington.

    3) Student name: Aakash

    Dubai School: Gems Modern Academy

    Received offers from the following universities:

    • University of Toronto

    • UBC Vancouver

    • University of Bath

    • University of Nottingham

    • University of Leicester

    • Durham University

    Aakash has shortlisted the following universities: University of Toronto and UBC.

    Parent Testimonials

    Aside from the accomplishments of our students, the glowing reviews and helpful feedback from parents inspire us each day to make our program one of the best.

    “Our daughter Shreya Mitra enrolled with Premier Genie to prepare for her SAT exams for U.S. university admissions. Our experience with the entire team at Premier Genie has been nothing less than complete satisfaction,” said Sujeet and Dimple Mitra.

    “Not only did the mentors teach well, adjusted schedules, and took extra classes, they also very successfully raised the level of confidence of the student.”

    Shreya’s parents likewise appreciated how the program helps cultivate the right attitude for learning. “The self-belief and the motivation to excel was truly demonstrated by Shreya, in the admission offers that she secured for the leading universities, not only in the U.S. but also in Canada, U.K., and EU,” they reported.

    “The sheer perseverance and dedication to bring out the best from the child were so very well planned and executed by the team, especially in writing the all-important essay for U.S. admissions. We wholeheartedly recommend enrollment in Premier Genie to secure a bright and successful career for your child,” the Mitras said.

    Other Premier Genie Services

    In addition to being a leading college preparation center in Dubai, Premier Genie also offers seasonal STEM camps, math courses for Grades 1-12, hackathons, and other carefully selected courses to ensure that children, teenagers and adults can develop their skills necessary to create a successful academic and career path.

    Do you have a child who is getting ready to apply for college? If so, what are the biggest challenges you are currently facing? Share your thoughts, tips, tricks and experiences in the comments below!