Beyond Classrooms: The Value of Out-of-School Summer Learning Courses

  • The summer holidays are just around the corner. With most schools taking a break for at least six weeks, this leaves families with quite a lot of days to fill. Keeping children happy and occupied all summer can be a tricky task. 

    While having heaps of fun should be high on the priority list for every kid, what if there were a way of combining fun with opportunities to develop valuable life skills and boost academic ones too? With summer learning courses, you can do just that.

    What are summer learning courses?

    Summer learning courses can take on a range of formats and can vary in academic focus; some are multi-discipline and others subject specific. For example, near you, there may be arts-based courses specializing in music, art or drama. Or there may be STEM summer camps where children can hone their expertise in science, technology, engineering and math and learn robotics and 3D printing.

    The benefits of out-of-school summer learning courses are far-reaching and long-lasting. They go way beyond adding to academic prowess. Here are five fantastic reasons to arrange a summer learning course for your child: 

    1.) Extend learning and beat the summer slump

    Have you heard of the summer slump? It’s a definite downside of the long summer holidays. As all teachers will tell you, most students return to school after the summer break having forgotten many of the things they learned and the skills they acquired the previous year. The first few weeks are often spent getting back to the point where they left for the summer holidays. 

    Keeping your child’s brain engaged in their school subjects over the summer is essential to beat the summer slump. Summer learning camps are the perfect way to ensure this. Your kids will have teachers who are able to keep their learning moving on or help students catch up in areas where they may have struggled.  

    More confident or gifted students have the opportunity to really extend their learning and master a subject at summer school, too. By ensuring you choose a summer learning course taught by experienced specialist teachers, you can really help your child get ahead for the next academic year.

    2.) Enhance social skills

    Summer learning courses give your child the chance to connect with other kids their age and create a wider circle of friends than their school friendship groups. For children who may be struggling with playground cliques and social issues in school, this is a brilliant opportunity for them.

    A good summer school will have plenty of kind, well-trained staff on hand to help guide children, whether they are socially confident or not. Team-building and working on cooperation skills will be inbuilt into the curriculum so your child will go back to school with improved confidence and better social skills. 

    3.) Learn new skills and develop new interests

    No doubt, your child will have a favorite subject or preferred subjects. Or perhaps they already have a particular talent.

    A summer learning course is a wonderful chance to inspire them further in these areas. With a specialist course, they’ll have plenty of time to immerse themselves in the subject. They may also be able to use equipment they may not have access to at school and will have access to expert teachers. They are sure to learn new skills as a result. 

    Alternatively, perhaps there’s a new subject they would like to explore or something you think they may develop an aptitude or interest in. Either way, summer learning courses are a great opportunity to master new skills and open young eyes to other interests

    4.) Minimize screen time and avoid other unwanted behaviors

    Many kids would happily spend their summers watching TV or playing on their tablets or phones. We know, as parents, that this isn’t a wise use of large chunks of time. 

    Arranging a summer learning course keeps brains occupied and bodies moving. No matter what the subject theme of a summer course is, a good summer camp will build in plenty of recess time for physical play. 

    By keeping kids busy, especially older kids, you are also minimizing the chances of them engaging in risky or unwanted behavior. Instead, they’ll be well-supervised, learning, having fun and making new friends.

    5.) Fun, fun, fun!

    It is summer, after all! 

    A good summer camp will prioritize making sure that kids have a great time. It’s really important that children have the chance to relax and re-energize after a stressful, busy academic year.  While summer course tutors will ensure plenty of learning happens, it’ll be taught through hands-on, engaging and exciting activities

    A Wonderful Opportunity

    Summer learning courses present a wide variety of fun and exciting learning opportunities outside your kid’s regular classroom setting. By choosing a great summer school, your child will likely acquire social and academic skills that will benefit them for many years to come. They’ll also really have a summer to remember! 

    Get in touch with us for more information on summer learning courses for your child.