How to Choose the Best Academic Summer Camp: A Checklist for Parents

  • Summer is finally here, and with it comes hours and hours of free time for kids, so they are most likely to be eager to explore the world around them. This is why it helps that Dubai is a rich and thriving playground for fertile minds to discover.

    While there is time to play and wander around the many attractions and thrills in the City of Gold, there is also ample time to expand their minds and broaden their horizons. What better way to do this than to enrol them in an academic summer camp?

    Fun summer learning away from the heat

    Summer can be scorching hot in Dubai. Along with this undeniable fact is the way kids would also love to stay indoors and out of the blistering heat. The stifling atmosphere can drain their energy and would mostly lead them to just laze around.

    However, summer can still become productive and entertaining when kids are enrolled in a summer camp that they will enjoy. Not only will they learn a lot from the varied subjects that are on offer; they will also enjoy discovering new and exciting things.

    There are learning centres that offer seasonal camps on top of the after-school learning programs they have available all year. These special camps are usually open to kids between the ages of six and 16 and will make summer more bearable in fun and fascinating ways. Moreover, kids who enrol will be enriching their knowledge, all in the comfort of an air-conditioned building.

    How, then, do you make sure that your child will look forward to an exhilarating summer camp?

    Here’s a simple checklist for parents on how to choose the best academic summer camp:

    1. Consider your child’s interests

    It would be futile if you force children into studying something they do not enjoy. When it comes to your child, sk what subjects or topics interest him or her the most.

    Is it mathematics? Science? English? Would your child be interested in learning advanced topics? Is your child interested in taking test preparation lessons for GMAT, GRE, or SAT? Alternatively, is your child artistically inclined, or perhaps into athletics?

    By knowing what your child enjoys, you are assured that your child’s interest and focus is already committed to the lessons of his or her own choosing.

    2. Check out available options

    You should also find out what options are available to your child. Check for summer camps and what academic programs they offer. There are those that offer creative writing, English literature, math, and science. Other offerings may also include topics from internationally recognised curricula such as the American, British, and Indian programmes.

    There are also STEM camps for kids in Dubai. Here, children are exposed to the various concepts of science, technology, engineering, and math using a more hands-on approach. Kids who attend such STEM camp programs usually learn about 3D printing, coding and application development, and robotics.

    You should also look into the credentials of the teaching staff. See if they are well-equipped to teach your child. There are reputable academic centres that only employ teachers who have a wealth of experience in teaching summer camp subjects as well as STEM-related learning. It will be a definite advantage if the teachers are also trained to US or international standards.

    3. Involve your child

    As previously mentioned, it is best that your children are involved in the summer camp selection. By involvement, this does not mean just asking your child about the subject that he or she likes.

    Include your child in the whole process — starting with the courses he or she likes, down to the academic centre and schedule.

    You can also ask around which of his friends are also interested in taking similar classes. It might be more fun to have people they already know joining them during summer camp. Of course, they can also enhance their social skills and start friendships with other attendees.

    4. Streamline your choices

    When you’ve done your homework by finding out what you can about the available courses related to your child’s interests, then you can start streamlining.

    Pick out the one that fits your budget, your schedule, and your child’s interests. It would be convenient to choose a learning centre that has summer camp locations across Dubai. Not only will it make it easier to go to and from the campsite, but it will also be more cost effective if it’s located near your place.

    Also ask if they offer payment options such as by cash, card, or cheque for your convenience.

    5. Sign up for summer camp

    Once you and your child make a choice, then make a move to enrol.

    Summer camp slots can get filled out fast so it is best to enrol your child as soon as you can. You can enrol for any of the academic subjects and the STEM programme, depending on the schedule that you choose.

    A stellar summer

    Summer camps benefit your children in a number of ways.

    Not only will your kids learn advanced topics in subjects such as English, science, and math; they will also develop their problem-solving skills. Aside from that, attendees will also gain a deeper understanding of how machines work, like in the STEM program, and grasp concepts about gears, motors, and sensors, among others.

    Summer camps can also enhance their chances of getting into educational programs for gifted students like that of the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY). It also helps them prepare for a variety of local and international exams such as the SAT, CAT, and entrance exams for college.

    Summer can be made more rewarding when your child is having fun. Choose an academic camp that he or she will enjoy, and you will also be happy seeing him or her bloom and grow.

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