Why Summer Academic Camps are the Best Time to Plant a Love for Lifelong Learning

  • Although summer breaks are always a period filled with fun activities, such as taking trips to new locations and heading to the beach with family and friends, your child can get bored after a while.

    They will eventually start looking for other things to do. And as a parent, they count on you to come up with new ideas for recreation and entertainment.

    Summer break is the best time for you to cultivate a love for lifelong learning in your kids.

    As a parent, you need to determine the most productive ways for your kids to spend their free time. Realize that your child responds well to stimuli from outdoors, especially if you get them involved in engaging activities. Learning should not stop when they step outside their school.

    Fun and Educational Activities to Consider

    There are several activities your kids can do during the summer break, including:

    • Get physical by visiting indoor trampolines, gyms, sports centers and activity parks. These facilities are fully air-conditioned, so you don’t have to worry about the searing summer heat bothering your kids.

    • Enrol them in drawing, dance, music, theater and other workshops that fuel their artistic side.

    • Beat the heat while having fun by having an excursion to the city’s best waterparks and resorts.

    • Sign up for summer camp!

    Joining summer camps

    Of all the activities your child can engage in during the season, joining a summer camp would probably beat them all. In Dubai, there are plenty of academic and STEM summer camps to choose from, depending on the preferences and needs of your child.

    Here at Premier Genie, our camps offer advanced academic lessons, Mathematics and English Olympiad, Mathematics and English Creative Writing, competitive test preparations, and the STEM Program that includes robotics, 3D printing, mechatronics, aeromodelling and chess.

    8 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in a Summer Camp

    1. Encourage physical activity

    Rather than leaving him at home, your child can play with other kids, run around play spaces, and join different activities. Remember that physical activity is beneficial for your child since it boosts their emotional well-being, improves flexibility and balance, and develops strong bones and muscles.

    2. Enhance social skills

    At summer camps, your child will spend time with their friends and teachers every day for several hours. This means that they will learn how to cooperate and effectively interact with other people.

    Also, they will learn to share toys and partake in a wide variety of team-building activities. Keep in mind that it is important for children to learn these skills while they are still young.

    3. Encourage exploration

    Summer camps emphasize the idea of child-led learning, meaning that it is your kids who plan the day and not the teachers. They will have the free time they need to just discover, explore and roam. Teachers are there to supervise and look after them.

    4. Reduce technology time

    Enrolling your child in summer camps means they will be spending less time in front of the TV or their gadgets. They will use their creativity in the real world. Also, they will learn to connect with everything around them. They will play with nature, make new friends, and feel real emotions that will greatly benefit them as they get older.

    5. Boost confidence

    As your child grows, there are things he will hear and see that may affect his confidence. The media, his friends, and people he encounters may leave an impression on him in terms of how he thinks he should act, what he should look like, and who he should spend time with.

    Kids with low self-confidence will most likely become followers instead of leaders, and may even struggle with their friendships, grades and happiness. There is a difference between kids who spend their summer break at camps and those who don’t. Those who come to school after a summer camp are self-confident, eager and ready to become the best.

    Summer camps can boost your child’s confidence because they are surrounded by people who encourage, love and support them. Also, they are inspired every day to step out of their comfort zone and engage in things that often make them nervous.

    6. Teach the value of hard work

    Your child will feel safe at camps. As a result, they become comfortable with taking risks, realizing their dreams, and setting personal goals. Also, it is through camps that they learn the significance of working hard to achieve what they want and to not give up, no matter how hard things may get.

    7. Build character

    Due to the different activities available in these camps, your kids can discover what they like and dislike. Also, they can develop their skills in their preferred and most enjoyed activities in their time at camp.

    Moreover, camps will provide your child with the core values of a moral individual by educating them about honesty, respect, responsibility, ethics and caring. After camp, most parents report that their kids became more kind, more equipped to stand up for what is right, more responsible, and able to better understand the relevance of giving.

    8. Foster independence

    At summer camps, your child will learn to make their own decisions with the guidance of staff and counsellors. They discover what works and what does not while also learning new aspects of themselves.

    The camp offers peer support, allowing your kids to overcome their needs for parental dependency.

    The main goal of seasonal academic camps is to ensure that your little ones have the time of their lives. This is a much-needed break from the stressful academic year because it prioritizes smiles, plain old good times, adventure, thrills, creativity and of course, continuous learning.

    Instill the love of lifelong learning by enrolling your child at our summer break camps now!