How to Inspire Learning During the Summer Holidays

  • Nothing can excite kids more than one word can: summer. During the summer break, your little ones won’t have to spend time studying, doing their homework, and worrying about their test scores and grades every day for at least two months.

    However, during this long school holiday, your kids may suffer from a “summer slide.” Also known as the “summer learning loss” phenomenon, the summer slide is the tendency of children to lose some of the educational gains they made or acquired in the past school year during their vacation.

    As a parent, you have the huge responsibility of making sure your kids do not forget all the things they learned from school. You can help kids avoid summer learning loss and even encourage them to learn new things during the long holiday by following these tips:

    1. 1. Encourage your kids to join an educational summer camp

      There are numerous educational summer camps for children today so that your kids won’t hate the idea of joining such programs. If your kids want to improve their math, science, and English writing skills, you and your children will find the right camp to meet all your requirements and expectations.

      In case your little ones are interested in more advanced subjects or concepts such as computer programming and coding, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and app development, there are summer camps that now offer these as well.

      Summer camps are always great investments for parents. Kids learn something new or achieve mastery in the subject they choose. In addition, your little ones will have opportunities to meet and make new friends in these camps. Lastly, learning centers work hard to make these programs enjoyable to ensure that kids will learn and have fun at the same time.

    2. 2. Focus on particular areas or skills

      This summer break is the perfect time for you to pinpoint those areas where your kids can use some help.

      Identify the subjects your kids have had the most trouble learning during the previous school year. You can enroll them in remedial or advance classes to address their problems.

      Another option is to fit in some study and practice sessions in these areas. Set aside 15 to 30 minutes a day for helping your kids review or learn something new in these subject areas.

      You can use free online resources to download or copy additional materials for these activities. Online and brick-and-mortar teacher supply stores also offer an assortment of learning materials, workbooks, computer games, and other types of games to reinforce and strengthen a child’s academic skills.

      Testing and Spacing

      During the summer break, you can help your kids improve their memories through testing and spacing.

      • Testing effect

        Also known as “retrieval practice” and “practice testing,’ it pertains to asking your kids to answer a series of questions to boost their memory and facilitate further learning.

        During the summer break, give your kids simple tests they need to answer based on rote or a book they just read. You can also ask them to write everything they know or remember about a certain topic or book chapter they finished.

      • Spacing effect

        The spacing effect is the phenomenon that states learning is greater when studying is spread out over time. It is the opposite of cramming where students try to study or do as much work as they can within a short period of time.

        By giving your children some extra-curricular work during summer, you can ensure that their ability to recall and retain information remains exceptional.

    3. 3. Set aside time for your kids to read every day

      During the summer holidays, schedule a 15- to 30-minute reading session for your little ones. Let them choose which book they want to read daily (and finish later). Encourage them to read age-appropriate comic books and magazines as well.

      Don’t limit their reading materials to the ones you have at home. You can take them to the public library to check out books they want to read.

      You can also let your kids read some useful things online. However, make sure you limit their screen time daily or weekly.

      Aside from enrolling your kids in English creative writing courses, you should include reading in their daily activities to improve their reading comprehension and writing skills.

    4. 4. Explore the outdoors together

      Finally, even though you want your kids to learn during the holidays, don’t keep them cooped up inside the house. Enjoying the outdoors during the cooler hours in the UAE can offer various learning activities for your kids, too.

      Take your kids out to a park in the early morning and let them play. Take a magnifying lense, find specimens, and look at plants and trees up close. Take turns identifying all the living things you see.

      The life cycles of animals, water creatures, and creeping and flying bugs are all interesting topics to talk about as well. Before going out, brush up on your knowledge about them or bring a book so that you can give your kids more information about these organisms.

      Night time is also a great way for your kids to learn about astronomy. Let your little ones explore the night sky with a telescope and search for stars and galaxies. During and after their exploration, encourage discussion and the use of descriptive language to help your children build their speech and language skills.

    As an additional tip, don’t forget what summer means to your kids. Children associate summer with fun, road trips, out-of-town holidays, and getting some rest and relaxation. As such, don’t forget to schedule these kinds of activities during the break as well.

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