Why You Can't Afford Not to Invest in Your Child's STEM Learning Now

  • More and more parents today are realizing the importance of sparking their children’s interest and developing their skills in STEM. However, there are some parents who are unsure about when would be the best time for their kids to start learning about this curriculum.

    Because of this, they make the mistake of choosing a school for their kids that does not focus on this curriculum. Additionally, they miss out on opportunities to let their children join STEM summer camps and other STEM-related extracurricular activities.

    Of course, the best time to start building your child’s interest in STEM is now. Learning experts recommend parents and educators to do this because of the following reasons:

    1. Kids are natural scientists

    Children, especially younger ones, are inherently curious. As such, introducing them to STEM at an early age will allow them to cultivate an inquisitive mindset and, at the same time, teach them how they can find answers to their questions or solve problems.

    Whether kids are learning the basics or more advanced concepts of STEM, they develop an understanding and mastery of the steps in the scientific method.

    Although they may not initially be able follow the steps flawlessly, they get to practice them according to their individual abilities. And if you invest in opportunities for your children to learn STEM, they will know more about and perfect their approach to or use of the scientific method.

    2. Kids need to be immersed in STEM early so mastery comes easily

    Since kids are naturally curious, you should fuel this important trait now so that they can have a good head start in acquiring the important skills and knowledge to do well in STEM-related careers in the near and distant future.

    Starting them early will also help them become more open to and confident about learning more advanced STEM concepts.

    If your child seems to have a natural affinity for STEM, getting him or her exposed early on will help fuel this interest.

    On the other hand, if your child seems to fear or is anxious about STEM subjects, the more you should encourage him or her to master this fear by learning and understanding key STEM concepts, especially in non-formal school settings such as STEM summer camps and workshops.

    You can encourage your children to start getting interested in STEM by giving them the right toys such as Legos, building blocks, robot building kits, and children’s chemistry and detective sets. Reading with them STEM-inspired books will help as well.

    Bringing your kids to museums, libraries, and science exhibits are also great opportunities for them to dive further into the exciting world of STEM.

    3. Kids benefit from STEM regardless of their age, ability and background

    The four areas that make up STEM education, i.e. science, technology, engineering and mathematics, have a place in everyone’s lives regardless of age.

    As such, all children will benefit from STEM; not only boys or kids that are good in math or science. Girls and boys can apply everything they learn in STEM in their daily lives. In addition, kids can apply the knowledge and skills they gain from STEM not only in this curriculum but in other subject areas as well.

    This is because as children learn new skills, their brains create knowledge and skill strands into ropes that they can use to solve problems and meet challenges. These ropes will help them acquire new essential skills, too.

    4. STEM allows children to develop a lot of useful skills

    When your kids master a number of STEM-related skills, they will also develop attributes and soft skills that are necessary and desirable in any future career that they may want to pursue.

    Keep in mind that STEM and 21st century skills go hand-in-hand.

    When your children are learning about STEM, they are also creating their own research questions. At the same time, they are also following a process that helps them explore multiple perspectives and connect ideas to solve certain problems.

    Whether your children are learning about the scientific method, coding, or robotics, they will be asking a lot of important questions and testing many ideas to find the best solution. In addition, they will be working with their classmates and even taking leadership roles – skills that are important for their success academically and career-wise.

    5. You want to start investing in their future now

    Lastly, there is currently a STEM job crisis.

    Many studies also predict that the gap between the jobs that are in high demand and the skills required to fill them will continue to grow if nothing is done about it.

    If you want your kids to be ready and equipped with skills that are in demand in the future, you have to start investing in developing their STEM proficiency now. STEM jobs are abundant and will continue to grow in the future. They pay well, are in great demand and are really interesting, too.

    You will help your children become more competitive and find a rewarding career that they will really like in the future if you introduce them to STEM as early as now.

    There is no doubt about it: STEM education is the way of the future.

    Since your children will make up tomorrow’s labor force and leaders, you will give them a step up in achieving future success by immersing them in STEM today.

    Do this by selecting a school that has an impressive STEM curriculum, and by encouraging them to join STEM-based after-school learning activities.

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