What is Winter Learning Loss and How Do You Stop It?

  • Every child welcomes the Christmas holiday break with open arms. For a few weeks, they won’t have to have to go to school and learn something new. They won’t have to open their books, recite, have quizzes, and study every day. They will enjoy freedom from studying and they can simply relax or have fun whenever they want to.

    Unfortunately, the holiday or winter break doesn’t only give your kids some much-needed respite from their normal schedule and schoolwork. If you don’t enroll your little ones in an educational winter camp for kids or encourage them to continue learning and studying during the holidays, they may experience a phenomenon called “winter learning loss.

    Understanding Winter Learning Loss

    Winter learning loss or winter slide is similar to summer learning loss which many students experience during the summer break. The only difference is that the winter slide happens during the winter break.

    During the holidays, most children and teens won’t open their notebooks and books to go over them. They won’t make any effort to learn anything new as well. When students are disengaged from any learning activity, they will often experience a drop in their performance once they go back to school. Their academic progress may slow down as well.

    The winter slide, though, is not permanent. Students will get back into the swing of things after they come back from winter break and retain or even improve their academic performance. However, they will need time to do this.

    Tips for Preventing Winter Learning Loss

    If you don’t want your kids to go through learning loss this winter break and experience its ill effects when the holidays are over, follow these tips:

    1. Enroll your kids in a winter learning camp

    A winter learning camp for kids is one of the best ways to help your young learners beat the winter slide.

    By choosing the right learning center and program, your kids will be able to refresh or retain the important concepts they have already learned. If your kids want to learn new concepts or skills, a good learning center will be able to provide them with the right program as well.

    Whether your kids want to improve their English writing skills or study robotics, it is important that you support their preferences and interests. When your kids are learning something new or undertaking a revision program for certain subjects, they will avoid winter learning loss.

    2. Encourage them to read

    Studies show that reading is highly effective in helping kids avoid the winter slide. This is because even if they only read a short story, a chapter of a novel, or even a post on Facebook or their favorite website, they will learn something new.

    To encourage your kids to read during the holidays, find ways to make it fun. When traveling, you can create a game to encourage your young students to read familiar words on billboards or signs.

    For teenagers, let them read novels or e-books they like. Borrow or download the book and discuss the content with them. You can also get a summary and go over some reviews about the book and converse with your kids about what you just read.

    3. Go on some family learning trips

    If you have a few days off from work, use them to take your kids to places where they can learn something new while still having fun.

    This means taking them to a zoo or museum. Many museums are now interactive which allows kids to really enjoy their visit and at the same time, retain more of the information they just acquired.

    You can also bring your kids to a library. Let them choose one or two short books they want to read. When they’re done, encourage them to give a brief retelling of what the book is all about and what they think of the story.

    4. Let them play educational games online or via some apps

    You will find thousands of educational games on the Internet. You can let your kids choose which ones they want to play. However, make sure they pick educational games that will allow them to utilize and enhance their reading or math skills. Check if the website they choose is safe and secure for children to visit and use as well.

    You can also let them choose which apps to download. Again, make sure these apps are informative or educational in nature so that they will learn something or get to exercise their brains.

    Once they start playing these online games or apps, it is important that you limit their screen time. Keep in mind that too much screen time is unhealthy for kids.

    5. Schedule weekly study times

    Finally, although opening their notebooks and books may be the last things on your kids’ minds, you have to encourage them to do so.

    Set a schedule for them to go read their notes and books twice or thrice a week. Using the materials they have already learned, create quizzes they can answer to give their brains some much needed mental exercises as well.

    When your kids review their notes at least twice a week during the break, they will remember more things which will help them perform better academically once school begins again.

    Although winter break isn’t as long as the summer holidays, your kids can experience some setbacks when they return to school due to the winter slide. But by following the tips above, you will help them avoid this negative learning phenomenon and be ready to cope with their schoolwork again.

    Looking for a fun and educational way for your kids to spend their winter break?

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