Letter & Report Writing Formats

 ‘Paperwork’ as boring as the term might be a crucial part of any organization. This entails keeping written records (and soft copies)  of the financial transaction between two companies and even within a company, filling reports on products, services or data accumulated by the company, letters of permissions and licenses, lease agreements, cancellation letters, acceptance letters and many more.


One of the most important parts of any job is to learn how to record data, which could be in the form of reports. Writing letters, for permissions, requests, approvals, tenders, legal documents, all of them require a certain kind of language to denote authenticity and credibility. 

At the outset, students will be taught how to draft reports and formal letters first. Following that, they will be asked to prepare mock reports and letter on/for a wide variety of topics relevant to companies today. There are different formats for reports and letters that have been universally accepted by most companies around the world which employees have to adhere to. We will share some of the most commonly used report and letter formats with our students.  These formats are actively used in the professional world training them for what awaits in the real world.


All our instructors have held reputable positions at some point in their lives in the corporate sector. They are well versed with how things happen at the ground level and how documentation change as one moves higher up the ladder. They are the ideal mentors for candidates of this course. 

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