Courses Business English

  • Important Grammar Rules USD 0.01

    Good attire on the body is akin to good grammar in a sentence. In the professional world, there is little room for error; if you end up delivering the wrong message to someone in your company, and your company suffers because of it, you will most likely be shown the door soon after your blunder comes into light.

    In most cases, miscommunication precedes all blunders.

    Language is of prime importance in the professional world; it is the difference between a cushy job and a job making cushions. Why is it so important? It's because a person who is able to communicate what he/she wants clearly is often looked upon as reliable, increasing their chances at landing and sustaining a job. The ability to communicate information effectively and understand seemingly vague concepts is the key to succeed in the professional world. 

    This section of Business English will focus on re-enforcing some good old grammar rules that include Parts of Speech, Punctuation, Vocabulary pertaining to the business world specifically, sentence structure and more. The practice of sending grammatically incorrect e-mails is frowned upon, we certainly don’t want that. 

    Course Duration - 60 days
  • Presentation Skills USD 0.01

    Presentations have become increasingly popular thanks to their visual appeal, ability to deliver brief yet informative points on a subject, interesting format and engaging styles. Modern presentations are as colorful as they are complex; tools like MS PowerPoint have made them a visually appealing medium to deliver information on a subject.

    Many public speakers use presentations during their speeches, they are also the preferred means of information exchange during conferences. It is always helpful to have a visual representation of what the orator is talking about.

    It may sound like fun but making and delivering presentations is a daunting task. Making a presentation that is not only visually appealing but also cogent takes effort, and dare we say a bit of guidance. Delivering a good presentation is a culmination of the right body language, physical appearance, organization of information, write language, and visually stimulating supporting material. 

    Course Duration - 60 days
  • Mind your language! USD 0.01

    What you say and how you say it most certainly has an impact on your daily life but in the professional world, it can be the difference between keeping your job and losing your job.


    Using the right language, especially in stressful times is of utmost importance. It is advisable to not lose your cool, especially when things aren’t going well, but we are all human at the end of the day, no one is perfect. At times like these, like the American law, everything you say can or may be used against you which is why using language that is polite and neutral at work is greatly advocated. 

    Course Duration - 60 days
  • E-mail writing USD 60

    It is common practice in the professional world to ‘put it in an e-mail.’ E-mails are a more or less permanent record of communication that happens internally and externally in a company. They can be used to access archived information, track client responses, and refer to communication between two business parties; they can even be used as evidence in a court of law if required! It is imperative that the language used in an e-mail is precise, to the point so as to communicate its desired message effectively.  

    Course Duration - 60 days
  •  ‘Paperwork’ as boring as the term might be a crucial part of any organization. This entails keeping written records (and soft copies)  of the financial transaction between two companies and even within a company, filling reports on products, services or data accumulated by the company, letters of permissions and licenses, lease agreements, cancellation letters, acceptance letters and many more.


    One of the most important parts of any job is to learn how to record data, which could be in the form of reports. Writing letters, for permissions, requests, approvals, tenders, legal documents, all of them require a certain kind of language to denote authenticity and credibility. 

    Course Duration - 60 days
  • Organized Writing USD 0.01

    It may seem trivial to have an entire module dedicated to organizing writing but more often than not, professionals get it wrong be it e-mails, brochures, website content, company profiles and so on. When it comes to explaining or introducing a concept, the most important information should be mentioned first. Children learn it in in school, this model is also covered in various language subjects, it is call the 'inverted pyramid'.


    The inverted pyramid demands for the most relevant and important details of the subject at hand to be mentioned first, with the supporting information, details etc., to be placed second and the least important bits, related to the subject to be placed last. 



    Course Duration - 60 days