Important Grammar Rules

Good attire on the body is akin to good grammar in a sentence. In the professional world, there is little room for error; if you end up delivering the wrong message to someone in your company, and your company suffers because of it, you will most likely be shown the door soon after your blunder comes into light.

In most cases, miscommunication precedes all blunders.

Language is of prime importance in the professional world; it is the difference between a cushy job and a job making cushions. Why is it so important? It's because a person who is able to communicate what he/she wants clearly is often looked upon as reliable, increasing their chances at landing and sustaining a job. The ability to communicate information effectively and understand seemingly vague concepts is the key to succeed in the professional world. 

This section of Business English will focus on re-enforcing some good old grammar rules that include Parts of Speech, Punctuation, Vocabulary pertaining to the business world specifically, sentence structure and more. The practice of sending grammatically incorrect e-mails is frowned upon, we certainly don’t want that. 

This section will commence with the explanation of basic grammar rules followed by practice lessons about the same. Due focus will be given to spellings, sentence structure (subject-object, subject-predicate), tenses, figures of speech, punctuation and types of sentences amongst others. 


Through the course of the Business English program, this topic will be re-visited several times as clarity on basic grammar concepts is integral in writing effectively. 

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