Blog Writing

The world today is an open book on the internet and many people believe in documenting their lives by writing blogs. Blogs have become an increasingly popular means of attaining information these days. There are blogs about everything from business to travel to even animals. Writing for blogs however is a different story.

Blogs by nature are a less rigid form of information. In most cases, they are a person’s perspective or opinions on something. They are more personal, less formal and very dynamic by design. Blog writers often interact with the people who read or visit their blog which is why, even while writing blog entries, they are written in a language which can be easily understood by the majority. Just because the language is simple doesn’t mean it has to be simply written. More often than not, it is more difficult to write things in a simplistic manner than with extravagance that one might find in other creative writing material. This module focuses on blogs in an interesting and engaging format.  

Blog writers undertake the responsibility to present information of a certain kind to the world. They have to be careful about the language they use so as to leave little room for misinterpretation and misunderstanding. While it may be tempting to write ‘you’ as ‘u’ throughout a blog entry, it is not advisable to do so. Blog writers are trend setters and in many ways, other people look up to them for advice, help or information in general. U is a letter, not a word, especially not a pronoun; to use it as such would be great folly. In this module, students will be taught how to be abreast with the latest trend words and use them in their blogs but not to overpower their writing with slangs and abbreviations.


Blogs that are organized well and written simply are the most famous on the internet today. What does one write blogs for at the end of the day? To have people read them and like them, right? A blog with good English, well-constructed sentences, organized display of information, with immaculate use of vocabulary, mixed with a pleasant dose of flamboyance, has more chances of being favorably received by its audience. A person who can write well is assumed to be trustworthy by the reader which in turn facilitates revisits on a blog. Students here will be taught how to write engaging copies on a wide array of subjects like travel, food, fashion, lifestyle, health, family, trends, technology and many more such topics which have a universal appeal. 

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