Book Reading Exercises and Activities

An essential part of teaching English is analyzing famous works by authors of the past and the present. There are several English books that have great literature value. Through these books, children learn about the works of different of authors, examine their styles, discuss the story, characters, plot etc. Books are a wonderful source of inspiring children how to write well. They learn about sentence structures, plot development, writing about emotions, conflict, describing landscapes and people. They open up the doors of possibilities for students as far as creative writing is concerned. Books are a great way of improving students spoken English as well, since the more one reads, the better one will be able to talk. 


Students read passages from the books assigned to them in class followed by discussions about the setting of the book, use of descriptive language, use of figurative language, characterization and so on in detail. Assignments based on the same books are sent to them during and after they have finished the book.


After they finish reading their assigned books, they are taught how to write book reviews, post which they present their own reports on the book. Book reviews/reports are helpful in understating how much of what they read was retained. Their ability to compress information in the form of reports can help them write about their own experiences, events that they witnessed better. Reviews help them analyze the book’s content. They critically analyze the quality of language used, the effectiveness of the said language, tone, style etc. 

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