Writing- Constructive & Creative

The ability to write coherently and cohesively takes a lot practice and time. Even famous writers will testify that the process of writing is never a steady thing; there are many ups and downs that the writers go through their writing careers and these are seasoned writers! It is then expected of the beginners of English language to face problems as they first start out writing in the language.


This module is designed to teach them how to write on a wide variety of topics, formats with the sole purpose that they will be able to use their writing abilities beyond the classroom as well. This module is designed to serve a very practical purpose in the lives of its candidates by teaching them how to draft e-mails on topics that might be of actual relevance to them, writing letters (to the school authorities of their children, relatives, for legal purposes etc), and writing fiction and non-fiction copies as well. 


There will be many writing activities where candidates will be required to write on a given topic. They will be taught how to plan effectively before embarking on any writing assignment. Many active writers know that a lack of planning shows in the written copy as well as it lacks cohesion and doesn’t make the desired impact on the audience reading it.


It is important for the candidates to be eased into this module as writing can be a daunting task for them. It is imperative that the candidates first start writing about issues or topics they feel strongly about. They can channel ideas that flow freely in their minds on their chosen topic on paper, thereby reducing their ‘thinking’ time. Each candidate will also be asked to maintain a diary, where they will write an entry each day. The entries can be of a general nature as they might be asked to reach them out loud in front of other candidates in class. Later, once they are comfortable with the writing process on the whole, they can be taught how to draft e-mails for legal, financial, or general purposes, write articles, opionion pieces, poems even to express themselves in a creative manner. 

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