Presentability & Language

While in that interview room, you are being judged on everything from what you are wearing, to the words you speak, to the way you say them.  

Giving an interview these days is almost an art.  It is a performance of sorts, an audition where you try to convince your prospective employer that you can be the lead actor of their company. Interviewees have to maintain a confident and calm persona while the interview is in progress. The language use should be neutral, clear, with a smart use of vocabulary. 

There are so many things that an employer looks for in a candidate, the first being their presentability.

It is crucial to be dressed smartly for an interview as a lot can be deemed of a candidate based on first impression. No one likes a sloppily dressed candidate walking into the pristine rooms of interviewer; no matter how brilliant you maybe at a particular job, one must keep up appearances at the work place, especially while giving an interview. Coco Channel had said, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman” and man too nowadays!

Many of us have come across the questions, “why did you leave your last job?” Let it be known that no interviewer is really interested in why you left your last job, they are only trying to see what/ is something will make you leave the one you are interviewing for. Hiring a person is expensive, not to mention time consuming, so when you are faced with questions like these, it is best to deal with them in a professional, read neutral manner, by not treating your prospective employer as your therapist. Candidates will be taught how to answer ‘tricky’ questions like these using impartial words. It is also crucial to not blow your own horn too much during interviews. Through clever structure and timing, candidates will be tutored on slipping in personal accomplishments without sounding boastful.  

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