Frequestly asked questions- Making an answer bank

There are some very common, seemingly harmless questions that interviewers love to ask interviewees, the most common being, ‘tell us a little about yourself.’ This simple question results in two types of answers, the first where the interviewee takes off like a bullet train, excited that the interviewer wants to know about him/her; the second where the interviewee breaks out into a very obvious, well-rehearsed speech about their experience and abilities. Both of these scenarios aren’t going to land you that job.

Making an answer bank incorporates drafting smart, concise answers to questions that an interviewer ‘could’ ask. Some of them could be as basic as the one mentioned above, some could be pertaining to the job you are applying for (it is common sense to read up about the job position and company you are applying for before an interview). A candidate who is well prepared with this ‘could be asked’ questions reduces his/her risk of losing the interviewers interest by not rambling or fumbling for words. 

Candidates will be encouraged to ideate and brainstorm some of the most commonly asked questions during interviews. Through clever role playing activities during sessions, where candidates will play the interviewer and also the interviewee, they will learn how it is to put themselves in different shoes in order to understand how one responds in different situations.


The answer bank will assist them in answering simple questions (which are of great significance for interviewers regardless) in a brief, yet politely smooth manner  so as so not make it sound like a rehearsed speech. An answer bank will also give interviewees a sense of preparedness which will translate into confidence. Most interviewers are looking for candidates who are calm, composed and answer questions well without few pauses or fumbling. Of course their knowledge of their field of job matters too. Candidates will closely work with their instructors who have real world experience of being the both interviewers and the interviewees to further assist candidates prepare their ‘pre- interview material’ or answer bank. 

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