Courses Public Speaking

  • The first thing you want to tell yourself before the big day of the presentation is ‘Don’t Panic!’ This is where preparation comes into play. Preparation over perspiration we always say. We have come up with a simple yet effective plan to help candidate prepare an impactful presentation; we call it AFTTA- Audience, Time, Topic, Flow, and Action. 

    Course Duration - 60 days
  • Pitch, Pace & Word Choice USD 0.01

    Clarity in speech is crucial while making a public speech. Modern day microphones make it very easy for speakers to address an audience of thousands and be heard clearly even at the very last row. That shouldn’t however mean that speaking clearly isn’t important. Speak to loud and the microphone lets out that horrible loud screech, threatening to deafen us; speak to slow, the audience will fall asleep in their chairs; say the wrong things and you might have things thrown at you on stage.


    The solution is to get all the three right.  One needs to deliver their speech at a medium pace, in a voice that is as close to normal (most speakers have microphones now, talking loudly is no longer a requirement) and use the right words so as to not offend anyone in the audience. 

    Course Duration - 60 days
  • Incorporating Humour USD 0.01

    It is important to have a connection with the audience while you are delivering a speech. The reason why this connection is important is because if the audience feels a sense of belonging or association with the speaker, they are more likely to respond positively to what the speaker wishes for them to do after the speech. Humour facilitates this relationship between the speaker and the audience. If you can get the audience to laugh, they are more likely to remember the speaker and the speech, both of which are favorable outcomes. 

    Course Duration - 60 days
  • Public speeches USD 0.01

    Public speeches are literally the stuff some people’s nightmares are made of. Preparing for a speech and actually delivering it are two different things, as public speaker will tell you. Somehow, standing on the stage, in front of all those people, has a way of robbing you of all intelligence. How does one deliver a good speech in public? 

    At the end of the day, the effectiveness of a good speech can be judged by how well it was able to compel its audience into action. Through our public speaking module we will teach our students on how to deliver engaging, interesting and powerful speeches. 

    Course Duration - 60 days
  • Body language USD 0.01

    While delivering a speech, you are the master of the universe on that podium. All eyes are you and every word out of your mouth is reaching hundreds or thousands of years. In a situation like this, you need to walk tall, make controlled motions yet avoid rigidity. Body language indicates more than what one might think. Body language is a straight giveaway of a person’s nervousness or anxiety.

    Nowadays, in the era of wireless mikes, the speaker is no longer restricted to particular area on the stage. Speeches these days are more about audience involvement and fluidity on stage than ever and the speaker’s body language needs to exude confidence. 

    Course Duration - 60 days