Body language

While delivering a speech, you are the master of the universe on that podium. All eyes are you and every word out of your mouth is reaching hundreds or thousands of years. In a situation like this, you need to walk tall, make controlled motions yet avoid rigidity. Body language indicates more than what one might think. Body language is a straight giveaway of a person’s nervousness or anxiety.

Nowadays, in the era of wireless mikes, the speaker is no longer restricted to particular area on the stage. Speeches these days are more about audience involvement and fluidity on stage than ever and the speaker’s body language needs to exude confidence. 

There are various methods to relax oneself before the speech but one you are on that stage, your every move is being watched by hundreds of eyes. Posture, gestures, strides (should the speaker need to walk on the stage) are all carefully controlled movements in the beginning of your speech, till you feel comfortable with your space.


Walking on the stage or the area of your speech is encouraged as it helps relieve anxiety but walk to fast and you will actually give the impression that you are anxious, even if your aren’t. Under this module, students will be asked to stimulate an environment where they will be delivering a speech on a specified topic. The instructor will carefully monitor the students’ body language throughout the speech and give them suggestions based on their individual performances. Students will find this module especially beneficial  because getting the body language right can help in a variety of professional settings.  

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