Preparing for speaking in public- Plan AFTTA

The first thing you want to tell yourself before the big day of the presentation is ‘Don’t Panic!’ This is where preparation comes into play. Preparation over perspiration we always say. We have come up with a simple yet effective plan to help candidate prepare an impactful presentation; we call it AFTTA- Audience, Time, Topic, Flow, and Action. 

Before one embarks on a public speaking event, they need to evaluate the audience that they will be delivering the speech to- to know the average age group, socio-economic background etc. The duration of a speech is as important as the speech itself; in certain setting a long speech is tolerated, for a more general setting the shorter the speech the better. Thorough research should be made into the topic of one’s speech but it isn’t advised to laden the speech with too many fact and references. Candidates will be taught how to ensure that their speech has a proper flow, a smooth progression or sorts towards its conclusion. What kind of action the audience takes after the speech is rarely in the hands of the speaker, but the aim is always motivate them to do what the speaker intended for them to do.


Through our thorough guidance program, candidates will leave our institute confident enough and prepared to speak to the world. 

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