In this program student shall be learning about how to draw accurate and scale drawing using geometrical instruments. The main goal here is that student should know the steps of constructions and once  the student is comfortable in using the various geometrical instruments  they can construct the complex diagrams with these instruments.

The various geometrical instruments are as follows:-

           1) Ruler

                                                                  2) Divider

                                                                  3) Protractor

                                                                  4) Compass

                                                                  5) Set squares.

In this program student shall be learning about various constructions.

1) Constructions using Ruler and Compass

        a) Construction of perpendicular bisector of a line segment.

        b) Bisector of a angle.

        c) Construction of an congruent angle.

        d) Construction of various angles.

        e) Construction of a perpendicular to a line from a point outside the given line.

 2) Constructions using Ruler and Set squares.

                     For each construction students has to learn and write the steps of constructions. Each and above module is followed by various activities, assignments and    homework.

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