In this program student will learn about addition and its uses when it comes to real life problems.They will learn how to add natural numbers using even more visual representations rather than just mugging it up by different methods like number line. In this Programme we will be discussing the various interactive methods of addition so that child can feel comfortable.

In this program student will learn about about various models of addition by using different techniques.

1) Fingers and drawing method.

2) Number line method.

3) Addition using place values

4) Commutative  property of addition

5) Addition facts

6) Statement sums

7) Adding with Carrying.

   For example, a child asked to add six and seven may know that 6 + 6 = 12 and then reason that 6 + 7 is one more, or 13. Such derived facts can be found very quickly and most elementary school       students eventually rely on a mixture of memorized and derived facts to add fluently.

   The main objective of this Program is to make student comfortable in addition followed by uses of addition and their  properties.

Sample video tutorial
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