Operations on Sets and Venn Diagrams advanced

In this Program student will learn about Union, Intersection and Complement of sets. They will also learn another operation on sets which is known as difference of two sets,  how to draw Venn diagrams to represent sets and the various relationship between them. The main focus of this program that student should understand properly the concept Proper Subsets, combinations of operations like union, intersection, complement.

In this program student strengthen the concept which are applicable on Sets and Venn diagram by using these steps.

1) Recapitulate the concept Sets its type and its various notations.

2) Union and intersection of sets; complement of set.

3) Venn diagrams

4) Problem solving by using various Venn diagrams.

5) Concept of proper subsets.

6) Difference of two sets.

7) Combination of operations like union, intersection, complement.

   All the above mentioned steps are followed by various assignments and homework.


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