Profit and Loss

In this program student will first revamp their concept of profit and loss which they had learned in their previous year. In this program they will learn about about cost price, selling price,  profit and loss. once they are comfortable in these terminologies they will learn how to relate percent with these terms. They will learn about profit and loss percentage and will solve various real time problems based on this concepts. In the later part of this program student will learn about discount, marked price, Successive increase and successive decrease is also one of the main component on which they will work.

This Program deals  in dept of the various concepts related to profit and loss. This program include the following components.

1) Revamping of the basic concept of Profit and loss

2) Understanding of the basic terminologies  like cost price, selling price etc.

3) Profit and loss percentage.

4) Concept of successive increase and successive decrease.

5) Concept of overheads expenses.

6) Understanding of discounts and various terminologies like marked price selling price etc.

All the above steps are followed by various assignments and homework.



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