Addition and Subtraction of larger numbers

Whenever it comes to big numbers students fells a lot of trouble because of lack of automatic recall and they need to rely on laborious counting procedures creates a drain on mental resources needed for learning more advanced mathematics. In this program we will majorly focus on automatic recall of addition and subtraction facts, which develops in normally-achieving youngsters by about the end of this grade.

In this programme we will go through many useful strategies. A useful strategy for addition facts is counting up. With this strategy, children solve a fact by counting up from the larger number, not necessarily the first number, in the equation; for 5 + 6, children would start counting up from 6, 5 additional counts (7, 8, 9, 10, 11), to obtain the answer 11.

In subtraction, children can use either counting up or counting down as strategies. When counting up in subtraction, children count up from the smaller number to the bigger number; the answer is the number of counts

In this programme student will majorly learn :

1) Addition of larger numbers

2) Subtraction of larger numbers

3)  Mixed Addition and Subtraction Problems

4) Borrowing Subtraction .



Sample video tutorial
  • Addition of Large numbers
  • Subtraction
  • Subtraction
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