Presentation Skills

Presentations have become increasingly popular thanks to their visual appeal, ability to deliver brief yet informative points on a subject, interesting format and engaging styles. Modern presentations are as colorful as they are complex; tools like MS PowerPoint have made them a visually appealing medium to deliver information on a subject.

Many public speakers use presentations during their speeches, they are also the preferred means of information exchange during conferences. It is always helpful to have a visual representation of what the orator is talking about.

It may sound like fun but making and delivering presentations is a daunting task. Making a presentation that is not only visually appealing but also cogent takes effort, and dare we say a bit of guidance. Delivering a good presentation is a culmination of the right body language, physical appearance, organization of information, write language, and visually stimulating supporting material. 

Candidates will be taught how to use presentation tools like MS PowerPoint to make presentations on topics given to them. They will also be taught how to talk during presentations, when to use visual aids, pronunciation, pitch, even pausing during the presentation. Consider it to be a one man play where the presenter brings in the problem, the complications and finally, like the hero, gives you the solution as well.


In order to put up a convincing one man/woman show, he/she needs to be prepared with solid material both verbally and visually to compel their audience into action. This module comprises of teaching candidates how to make presentations and how to deliver one verbally. 

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