This Program about Fractions is designed to teach kids the basic principles of fractions through an interactive lesson and activities. In this, kids will be introduced to the concept of simple fractions through shapes like circles, squares and rectangles. The lesson will be followed by several exercises which will enable kids to practice and reinforce their concept of fractions. In the exercises, kids will learn to identify simple fractions through shapes, objects and picture cards. An engrossing and enjoyable activity to enhance math skills of your child.

This Program includes the various which will help the kids to understand more about fractions. Kids will majorly learn :

1) Understand the fraction with the help of Fraction strip, Circles, Squares etc.

2) Comparing Fractions

3) Types of Fractions

4) Lowest forms of a fraction

5) Equivalent Fractions

6) Conversion Between the fractions.

7) Addition and subtraction of Fractions.

8) Arrangement of Fractions.

9) Understand Halves And Doubles.

10) Parts of a Whole

11) Real life Problem solving based on fractions.

      Every modules are practiced by various classrooms activities followed by homework's.


Sample video tutorial
  • Halves And Quarters
  • Fraction Compare
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