Metric System

This Program will majorly focuses on length and  mass in the metric system, where place value serves as a natural guide for moving between larger and smaller units.They will learn the relative sizes of measurement units, building off the knowledge of grams and kilograms and meters and centimeters . Addition and subtraction single-step problems of metric units provides an opportunity to practice mental math calculations as well as solve using the addition and subtraction algorithms which open the mind frame so that later on they can perform the complex calculations.This initial understanding of unit conversions will allow for further application and practice throughout subsequent modules, such as when multiplying and dividing metric units.

In this program student will majorly learn about the measurement technique and conversions step by step :

1. Measuring length by using different activities like paper clip and ruler.

2. Ordering of Metric Unit of Length

3. Understanding of quarters and Halves

4. Addition and Subtraction of Meters

5.  Word Problems based on different measurements techniques.

6.  Basic Multiplication and Division of Meters and Centimeters

7. Addition and Subtraction of Meters and Kilometers.

   Every module is performed by using various activities followed by homework.


Sample video tutorial
  • Length Addition
  • Measure of length
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