Organized Writing

It may seem trivial to have an entire module dedicated to organizing writing but more often than not, professionals get it wrong be it e-mails, brochures, website content, company profiles and so on. When it comes to explaining or introducing a concept, the most important information should be mentioned first. Children learn it in in school, this model is also covered in various language subjects, it is call the 'inverted pyramid'.


The inverted pyramid demands for the most relevant and important details of the subject at hand to be mentioned first, with the supporting information, details etc., to be placed second and the least important bits, related to the subject to be placed last. 



Students will be taught how to utilize the inverted pyramid in their day-to-day official communication. Knowing how to organize ones writing can save them a lot of agony and time! Official communication of any kind needs to be able to deliver the maximum impact in the least amount of time and word limit. There is little room for error as one is judged, lauded and promoted based solely on one’s work. The will be able to address important issues better by being organized in their work, thus completing the work in a timely fashion.


It is also easier to reference information from written material that is organized well. It is not uncommon for a company to pick up an employee’s well drafted report and making it into a decree of sorts for other employees. Such an achievement is possible only if the writing is exemplary and effective. This module will teach candidates how to deliver impactful, organized copies at work. 

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