Practice and word problem solving on 4 operations

In this program student will learn and practice the problem solving sums based on all the operations. This is one of the important thing to practice because whenever it comes to statement sums they feel trouble to identify which operator they need to apply. They will also learn about keywords which will help them to identify the problem and which operator they need to apply. The main goal of this program to make the student comfortable when they face the problems which includes multiple operations as well.

In this problem student will learn the problem solving skills. This program include the various modules.

1) Problems solving based on Addition.

2) Problems solving based on Subtraction.

3) Problems solving based on Multiplication.

4) Problems solving based on division.

5) Problems solving based on Mixed Operations

6) Identify the keywords which will help them to understand which operator need to used.

  Every module is followed by homework.


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