Expanding Vocabulary

Homemakers, more than anyone else need to be able to communicate things properly else the working of the entire household comes to a standstill. This module is designed to arms the super beings that they are with a vocabulary worthy of their time. Delivering short precise instructions with the right use of powerful words can make an impact on the people they come across in their day-to-day life.


We know for sure that our ‘commanding verbs’ segment will be a bit hit with our candidates of this program! 


Through several in-class reading and writing activities, candidates will be shown the importance of a strong vocabulary. The best way to improve vocabulary is by reading. Beginners in this module would often come across new words, that they will be encouraged to find the meanings of on their own. Knowing words and using them correctly are two different things. Here, candidates will be asked to keep a small book of words, where they will compile their own selection of words with the intention to start using them actively in their daily lives. Our instructors will help them draft grammatically correct sentences with those words; they will also teach them how to use the said words correctly. 

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