Public speeches

Public speeches are literally the stuff some people’s nightmares are made of. Preparing for a speech and actually delivering it are two different things, as public speaker will tell you. Somehow, standing on the stage, in front of all those people, has a way of robbing you of all intelligence. How does one deliver a good speech in public? 

At the end of the day, the effectiveness of a good speech can be judged by how well it was able to compel its audience into action. Through our public speaking module we will teach our students on how to deliver engaging, interesting and powerful speeches. 

We have carefully studied several great speeches of the 21st century and figured out the similarities between all of them; the first one being simple yet powerful arrangement of words. By watching the speeches of some of the greatest orators history has known and analyzing their speeches, candidates of this module will learn how to write a good speech and deliver it without losing their nervous. 

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