Types of Writing

Types of writing have more to do with vocabulary than one might think. There are different types of writing for example, persuasive, expository, descriptive, narrative, argumentative and even essay writing. Each of the types above commands a specific type of language to be used.


In expository writing for instance, one cannot enter into long drawn out sentences to describe something, it is not uncommon however to find the same in descriptive writings as by definition alone, they are about describing something or someone. Expository writing on the other hand is used to give information about a specific topic only. Structuring and organizing information is of crucial importance there as it is up to the writer to inform the reader on a given subject. You may find a rampant use of figures of speech in descriptive writing but expository writing is less ‘fancy’ and more to the point. 

There are specific words that accompany each writing style and compliment them greatly. In Persuasive writing, where the writer is trying to persuade the reader on his/her point of view, words like, urge, implore, recommend will often be seen. It is important to learn about the different types of writing because they differ greatly in style and construction. Where one type of writing requires certain flair with the words, the other focuses solely on stating facts in a neutral, unbiased manner. It is more difficult to write the latter than the former because as human beings, we are biased by default.


Students will be writing different texts in their lives in school and beyond. Essays in particular have a no rule policy, where an any and all type of language is tolerated, as long as it’s not insulting any person, religion or ethnicity. Getting them accustomed to different styles of writing is a good way to groom their writing skills. They will be given different topics to write on weekly so as to familiarize them will all forms of writing. It is but expected that they will struggle with more than one style but that is where practice plays a key role. They will be guided by their teachers of how to plan for each type of writing before they begin the writing process. They will also be taught the ‘magic words’ that accompany each writing style in order to make their writing context specific. 

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