Enunciation & Pronunciation

While it is important to be audible in the interview room, one needs to bear in mind that they don’t end up talking too loud. It is the tendency of some people to compensate for their nervousness by talking too loud, and fast, both of which can be detrimental to your interview.


Correct pronunciation and enunciation of words will curb one’s urge to speak loudly. Speech therapists around the world stress on clarity rather than volume while training people to become better orators. In a multicultural environment, especially when the interviewer and interviewee may belong to two different nationalities, correct pronunciation even ‘foreign’ names will guarantee that the interviewer understands it clearly. 

When interviewing for a job, especially if one belongs to a cosmopolitan place like Dubai, clarity of speech it of utmost importance. This module is designed to help candidates clear their pronunciation of words. Our instructors will also teach them how to stress on certain syllables. We emphasize on clearing one’s speech patterns based on certain speech therapy basics, rather than working on their accents. Everybody has an accent but one needs to learn how to speak clearly so that the listener understands what is being spoken. 

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