Reading comprehensions

Most people don’t realize this but reading and comprehending and recalling information from written material is something everyone indulges in no matter what field of work they might be in. The foundation for this never ending process starts with children. Reading and understating are two different things. Most children are able to read well into their first year of school but understanding what is being read takes some time.


They will first be taught how to isolate important bit of information from the passage, who, what, when, where, why and how. Alongside this, understanding the main idea of the passage is also important. Why was this bit separated from the rest? What is the significance of this passage? Questions like these and more will be addressed during lessons that cover reading comprehensions. 

There are two types reading comprehension questions that students might get, one where the questions will ask for specific information that is clearly stated in the passage and another where students have to draw inferences, write what they understand of the question, the answer of which is not clearly provided in the passage. Students will be taught how to how tackle both these types of comprehensions, with special focus on the latter as learning how to drawing inferences and then writing them into one’s own words takes considerable practice, not to mention time. This will be accomplished by having students practice on reading comprehensions regularly and reading different styles of writing. 

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