In this program students are going to understand more on the multiplication concepts, where to implement on the problems which they come across in real life. The goal of this program is to make the children more comfortable with the challenging multiplication problems as they already learnt the basics in previous program.

The reason behind where we try to make the students comfortable is, we keep trying for many ways until they are perfect enough.

For Example:

1. Column Method Multiplication

2. Grid Method Multiplication

3. Chunking Method Multiplication


By the end of the program we ensure students will be able to know,

1. Long Multiplication:

Numbers with zeros at the end:

Eg: 28×10, 28×600, 28×60000 so on.

Numbers not ending with zeros:

Eg: 19×3256×28

2. Problem solving on multiplication.

Students get the homework soon after each class which they have to work mandatorily as the homework plays the key role of our program.











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