Interactive Video Sessions

There are plenty of educational, motivational and inspirational videos out there that manage to deliver important messages in an entertaining manner.  The videos can be science based, comedic, silent videos, dramatic, it could even be a snippet from a famous movie; the objective of this module is to get students to recall information from such visual and audio formats. They will be shown the video only once. The instructor will give them a little background information about the video so that the students can be prepared for what is to follow.


This is a unique, modern method of teaching where students’ retention abilities along with their speed is tested and trained. In today’s fast paced society, unfortunately students do not have the luxury to process information at their pace or at a pace that is lower than what is expected of them. This module works to compliment the comprehension module which tests their ability to understand written material; in this they will be working on their ability to understand visual mediums and recall information about what they saw. 

In our interactive video session, we will play videos for the students, following which they will have to answer questions that will be based on the video.  When it comes to information recall, a comprehension is still a convenient format, where they only have to look at the text and search for information. In this module, students will be shown the video only ones and during the interview, they will be encouraged to take notes on whatever they think is of importance in the video. This module has been incorporated by us to increase students’ speed


Another byproduct of this module is that it improves the students’ attention to details. As they get to view the video only once, they have to pay careful attention on what they are watching. 

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