Metric System

 This program helps kids to learn about the metric system, which is a system of measurement used to describe an object's length, mass and volume. They will learn to estimate the measurement unit of a given object. This can make them to relate with their day to day life. The basic understanding about metric units will allow them to work on the complex calculations such as with fraction and decimal metric units.

In this Program students will be able to know:-

1. Length (Kilometer, meter, centimeter, millimeter), Mass(Kilogram and Gram) and Capacity(Liters and milliliters)

2. Conversion from one unit to another unit step by step.

3. How to deal with smaller to bigger units and vice-versa with different techniques .

4. Addition, subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

5. Challenging problem Solving based on all the units.


 Every module is performed by using various activities followed by homework.

Sample video tutorial
  • Length Addition
  • Measure in Length.
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