Lego Education WeDo Advanced


Take learning with LEGO® Education WeDo to the next level with this fun and challenging Amusement Park and Construction Site themed set. Using the drag-and-drop intuitive programming environment that students are already familiar with, WeDo 8+ Projects features 6 advanced activities and 4 open-ended problem solving exercises. With enough material for up to 30 lessons, including worksheets and teacher notes, WeDo 8+ Projects is ideal for developing understanding of a wide range of STEM topics. Requires: 9580 LEGO Education WeDo Construction Set, 9585 LEGO Education WeDo Resource Set and 2000097 LEGO Education WeDo Software and Curriculum Pack
Key Learning Values:
  • Covers a range of curriculum relevant STEM topics
  • Relates to real life 
  • Ideal for cross-curricular teaching and project work 
  • Builds understanding of technology 
  • Added emphasis to key language
USD 200 /-