In this program as the name itself implies, each small division is 1 or 1 part out of 10 or one tenth of a something. This concept is very important since this will be covered in both fractions and decimals. Once the students are comfortable with fractions they will be able to understand in decimals easily. Then they can relate fractions and decimals. We emphasize on addition, subtraction, multiplication of tenths. 

This program helps the kids:

1. To recognise One of 10 equal divisions of a particular measurements.

2. To Write tenths as whole numbers. For ex: 80 /10=8, 250/10=25

3. To Write tenths as whole numbers and tenths. For Ex: 23/10= 2 3/10.

4. Addition and subtraction of tenths.

5. Multiplication of tenths.

6. Problems solving


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