Unitary Method

Unitary method is one of the important part of learning mental arithmetic because it provide an  alternative way to solve various problems later on. Keeping this importance in mind premier genie designed a program this program so that student will learn about this method and applications when it comes to real life problems.They will practice various types of word problems in which student will realize that it is one of the major topic to learn.

The major goal of this program at this grade is to make the student feel comfortable when it comes to the application of unitary method in real life. This approach provide an alternative way to solve various problems in later grade based on percentage, fractions etc. Once the concept of unitary method is grasped student can sort all the calculation
in everyday life and in financial situations.

Sample video tutorial
  • Unitary Method
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Student's sample materials

This ppt will give an idea to a child about unitary method and how it is helpful in solving real life problems.