In this program students will learn about the ratio and its application in depth. They will first recapitulate the concept of whatever they had learned in earlier grade then they move on the ratios with conversions of one unit into other. They will learn how to compare of two quantities. In depth understanding of the terms like consequent and antecedent, ratios in lowest terms, expressing ratios as a decimal, Dividing a quantity in a given ratio and word problem based on it is the main focus of the program.

In this program student will learn about ratios and its applications which include the various parts.

1)  Understand the difference between ratio and fraction

2) Comparisons between the similar quantities

3) Antecedent and consequent

4) Express ratio in lowest terms.

5) Express ratio as a decimal.

6) Dividing a quantity in a given ratio.

All the parts are followed by various assignments and homework.

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