Recurring Decimals and approximation

Approximation or Ballparking is one of the major maths concept because every time in day to day life we cant find the exact answers when time matters a lot. In this program student will learn all about recurring Decimals and approximations and they will also recapitulate the concept of fractions because it is the major building block of this program. 

In this Program student will majorly learn about recurring decimals and approximations with the help of various classrooms activities step by step.

1) Recapitulate the concept of conversion of decimal fraction into vulgar fractions.

2) Conversion of fractions into decimals.

3) Calculating the values of different fractions without dividing.

4) Recurring decimals as a fractions.

5) Fractions to recurring decimals.

6) Classrooms activities for various Recurring decimals.

7) Rounding of decimals to the various places.

   All the above modules are followed by assignments and homework. 

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