Understanding of Volume or capacity is very important in any field weather it is a science or maths. When it comes to volumes and capacity student always steps back. Keeping this in mind Premier Genie designed a program on volume in such a manner so that  at initial level first student feels comfortable in simple calculations and later on able to calculate the volumes of complex shapes. In this program student will learn measuring of volumes by using various activities and statement sums.

In this Program student will learn about calculation of volumes and Capcity step by step.

1) Recapitulate the concept of volumes.

2) understanding the units Volume.

3)  Estimation method to calculate the volumes.

4) Difference between Areas and Volumes.

5) Units for Measuring Volumes

6) Inter conversions of units. 

7) Volume v.s Capacity.

8) Calculation of volumes With the help of areas 

9) Statement sums based on Volumes and Capacity.


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