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                                        Planning to take the SAT? 


Are you thinking any of the following: 
  • I really want to do well on the SAT, I know how much the test score matters. 
  • I need someone to guide me with SAT strategies to get a really high score 
  • I'm unsure what exactly to study to get the maximum out of my SAT exam 
  • Is there a particular way to study to achieve super high SAT scores? 
If you are thinking any of the above we have guidance and answers. Our study abroad teams consists of MBAs from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, HEC Paris, IIM Ahmedabad and graduates from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 
Abhishek Gurumadhva, who studied at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, will take you through not only Math and Verbal concepts that are needed to ace this exam, but also teach you unique strategies that are vital to achieving super high scores. 
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In the demo class, Abhishek will detail the structure of the new SAT and introduce two key strategies that must be used so that you get a great score. He will also talk the prospective students through few math questions and some verbal concepts so that these students get an idea of his teaching style. Parents of prospective students are welcome to sit through the demo class. 
Call 0553663900 to get more information about how you can get that eyebrow raising SAT score! 
"Thank you so much for your help. Your contagious enthusiasm made me work harder. "
-Student from DIA, 1470 new SAT 
"Your strategies really helped. Thank you very much" 
- Student from GEMS Modern, 2230 old SAT

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The SAT course is 32 hours, plus 4 proctored SAT practice tests with feedback sessions. 

Our course is offered in an accelerated 1 month schedule or a 2 month schedule. 
In the first 16 hours, we will introduce and build on concepts of both Math and Verbal that are required to ace the SAT. From simple algebra to complicated trigonometry, we will study it all! From grammar, specific to the SAT, to in-context vocabulary, we will build a strong foundation. 
After the core course, we will administer 4 proctored SAT practice tests. Each test will have a feedback session for the Math and for verbal. We will discuss difficult questions, clear doubts and ultimately get on the road to that great score! 
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