Construction of Formulae

In this Program student will get to know how to construct formulae. This is important because every time in the questions exact formulae are not given, so n that case student need to rearrange the equations which is also know as change the subject of formula or reconstructing of a formula.


Whenever it comes to rearrangement of algebraic terms it student will confused. Construction of formula is the building blocks of algebraic calculations keeping this in mind premier genie designed this program where we will teach then how to construct or rearrange the formulas starting from basics till advance according to their level step by step.

1)  Understand what a formula is with the help of suitable examples

2) Constructing Linear Formulas

3) Constructing Non Linear Formulas

4) Transformation of Formulae or Changing the subject of the formula.

         Every step is followed by various assignments and homework.


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