In this program students will learn about all the major aspects of geometry at there level. At this age  understanding of geometry is very is very important because this is the building block of all the geometrical shapes and figures. Keeping this in mind Premier Genie designed a program in such a way so that student can learn from basics and feel comfortable when it comes to the advance geometrical aspects.  

In this Program student will learn about the aspects of geometry so that they can recognize various it step by step. This Program contains the following PArts.

1) Recapitulate of the various geometric terms  like line, line segment, ray, vertex, arms, angle etc.

2)  Different types of angles.

3) Understanding of Mathematical instruments.

4) Measuring and drawing of angles using protractor.

5) Measuring Reflex angle.

6) Construction of angles using a pair of compass.

7) Angles around a point.

8) Adjacent, Complementary and Supplementary Angles

            All the parts are followed by various Classrooms activities, assignments and homework.

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