Measuring Length, Weight and Capacity

In this program students will learn about measurements .  At this level they will learn about the different categories of weight, length and even capacity. . Measurement is an essential part of our everyday life. Everything that we purchase, create, design, and build uses weights and measures. Weights and measures assure that medical diagnostics are accurate and that design and manufacturing processes are precise and consistent. Proper measurements are required to ensure that satellite and computer networking systems allow the world to communicate quickly, accurately, and effectively.

 This program is the perfect way for your kid to understand about length , weight and capacity and how to relate these concepts with the real world.

In this Programme student will get to know about the different measurements concepts

1) Understand the concept of Metre and Centimetres

2) Measuring the length using rulers to the nearest centimetres and millimetres.

3) Conversion between Centimetres and Metres and vice versa.

4) Addition and Subtraction of Metres and Centimetres.

5)  Understand the concept of Weight.

6) Kilograms vs. Grams and vice versa

7) Understand the concept of Capacity and its uses

8) Litres and Centilitres

 Every module is followed by various classroom activities and homework.



Sample video tutorial
  • Measuring length and weight
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