Addition and Subtraction

In this program student will learn about addition and subtraction and implementation of the same with the help of real time examples. They will learn in a drill and practice style. . This Programme is designed in such a manner so that kids will mastering the basic Mathematics facts in Addition and Subtraction. We will be dealing with different Strategies, Activities & Interventions to move Students Beyond Memorization. The goal of this programme is to master the student in Addition and subtraction typically by the end of the second grade. They will be learning these all through different practice activity like oral and written exercises, games and classroom and homework assignments.


This Programme helps the students to figure out the inverse relationship between addition and Subtraction. They will be learning different modules -

1) Use of Addition and Subtraction in Real World.

2) Using models to understand addition and subtraction

3) Number strips to visualize Plus one and plus Two facts and its inverse relation with subtraction.

4) Doubles and Tens Facts.

5)  Practicing Problem Solving.

6) Addition and subtraction of big numbers as well as multiple numbers.

7) Homework after each and every session.



Sample video tutorial
  • Addition
  • Multi Digit Subtraction
  • Word Problems
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