The Unitary Method

In this Program student will learn about the "The unitary method" which is also known as 'Method of One' allows problems to be solved mentally They will learn how to perform mental estimation of quantities when an exact answer is not needed. So this part is extremely important part of learning mental arithmetic, and once grasped, can be used quickly for all sorts of calculations in everyday life problems. In this program children will majorly learn about the Unitary Method and how to apply it in day to day life.

In this program student will learn about the unitary method which is used to calculate problems with variable quantities  It include various steps.

1) Conversion of one of the variables into a single unit.

2) Understand how to calculate from Many to one.

3) Understand One to many.

4) Problems solving sums based on the all the above module.

  They will be doing different classrooms activities followed by Homework's.  

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  • Unitary Method
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