In this program student will learn about areas and perimeters. Since this is just a foundation of this so they will start from the basic concepts with the help of drawings and various methods. Once they are comfortable then they will calculate the area and perimeters of paths. They will also learn the conversion of one units to another in context with area and perimeter. Understanding of various  area and perimeters practice problems is the main focus of this program.

The major idea of this program is to clear the concept when it comes to area and perimeter of various paths. This includes various steps:

1) Difference between areas and perimeter

2) Understand the unit of area and perimeter.

3) Area of square and rectangle.

4)  Calculation of area with the help of perimeters.

5) Area and perimeter of a bit twisted shape.

6) Word problems based on areas and perimeters.

        The mentioned modules are followed by various assignments and homework. 


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